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Twice not once Autovation has saved me a boat load of money. My LR3 dealer missed a badly torn CV boot. Again just today, Autovation fixed a improperly serviced transmission. It was missing almost 2L of fluid and had improper set gear ratios. The vehicle runs great now and decimated my pocket book to get it that way. I recommend them to anyone with a Land Rover.

Duncan Matthew Stirling

Good job guys... You being an inspiration for others. Keep it going.

Andrew Neon

Wanted to say thanks to Derek and the team for hooking me up with an awesome Exedy clutch for the Mazda 3. Works a treat ! As well, for fitting me in to have the winter tires put on my Civic. Job well done guys !

I would like to say that Derek and the gang did an awesome job on the car. There were problems with the install (no fault of theirs) but showed their ability to think fast and get the job done right. This is now my speed and sport shop....well done guys.

John Billingsley

I have been bringing my LR Discovery II to Derek and his team for 5 years now, they are upfront and always do their best and get it done right.

That's why when I upgrade to my LR4 I will continue to bring my business here, Derek and his team treat me better than Ottawa LandRover ever did.


Great service and good price. Typical grease monkeys the lot of them.

Thanks for the service.

Marcel Gratton

Prompt and great service today . thank you staff!!

+1 for autovation. Derek & staff have allways been kind to me and exhibited fantastic workmenship. I can't say enough good thing's about this place, and wish the very best in future for them


I have been using Autovation for over a year now, nothing but good things, they take pride into there work, Honest people with honest prices! I stopped going to the Mercedes stealership, these guys work on my 2001 rodeo, 2003 mercedes C-class and my S-class, they do wondeful work for any Mercedes owner's out there stop paying $200 for an oil change, these guys are very capible of working on these vechicles!


They are working on my S-class right as we speak !

Osama Osman

Since moving to Stittsville I have taken all my vehicles to Derek, Mike and the gang for everything short of warranty work.

My vehicles include a 1992 Acura NSX with heavy mods, and a 2005 BMW M3. They have been nothing but professional, honest and accurate with estimates and time.

The best part is not only are they top shelf mechanics but they are true car geeks in their own lives and show it in everything about themselves. They participate and support local motorsports, instruct at track schools, hang out at all the local car meets, and litter the shop with well worn and read car mags. Great bunch of guys to talk to and I never hesitate to recommend them to *anyone* in ontario, let alone the west end of Ottawa.

Congrats on the great new webpage boys

John Chu

Autovation has provided me with excellent service on both vehicles. Derek has been invaluable in making me choose the right performance parts for my project car and takes the time to discuss future service. Their work is above-par and they take great care in making sure the job is well done.<

Paul Brun